Monday, June 04, 2007

Everybody is free to write their own sunscreen song..

Yes Everybody is. Not that they need this blog to tell them.

Here it goes my version of the sunscreen song. A bunch of un-connected lines about life, strife , irony with the intention of creating that all empowering reaction - " Heyy!!! That is sooo true... "

For those of you who haven't heard this song. Firstly you should have, and if you have'nt this you tube video should certainly assist you in doing so, just ignore the subtitles - whatever language it's in.

The Sunscreen song - My way

”Choose the girl you see yourself growing old with”

Like most other advice you hear, you even need advice on how you should apply it.
You often hear, " It's not winning or losing but playing the game well"
Life is all about happiness. And if happiness is derived from personal success.
How then, can it not be about winning?
You soon find out that 8 out of 10 quotable inspirational quotes contradict each other

Its amazing the extent of the role economics plays in our day to day life.
No matter which part of the world you live in, the girls always seem prettier in the other town.
No matter how cool your adopted land, and how crappy your home-town you will almost always begin to miss it after a few weeks.
Conversations which create a lasting impact upon you are often had with the most random people.
Its the song you sing every day to work, the tune in your head. the one which stays with you for months that you never hear otherwise. You probably don't even know who sang it.
If you did. It wouldn't stay with you that long

The scarcest commodity in the world today is not time, not water or money but undivided human attention.
People don't even have the time to criticize.
Two innovations have changed the world forever - the internet and the mobile phone.
Believe it or not, we didn't have either 10 years ago and I don't remember any of us being any less productive.
The human brain will forever remain the most incredible creation conceived. The female brain the most complex.
Invariably what you enjoy doing the maximum is financially the least viable.
We all have a habit we wanted to change this morning.

Its amazing how long it takes for us to learn from our mistakes.

As much as we deny it, jealousy and ego play a vital role in our lives. It's how we handle it that makes the difference.
Friends who are acquired to meet a specific purpose will do so. And perhaps do just that.
Friendships made on the fly are often those which fly.

Its amazing how we never remember anything negative about a person we lose.
Of all those who you are close to, you know deep down who you will turn to first when in an emergency. That doesn't mean the others don't matter. They all do.
Its amazing how many problems can be solved, if you simply keep yourself busy.
Sometimes the only way out is for the shit to hit the fan.
When it does - it often works to our advantage. Just ask Shilpa shetty.

The long run can be as short, and the short run as long as the speaker wants it to be.
The forbidden fruit often tastes best while being so.
The world is changing as quickly as we are allowing it to.
Ambiguity plays a larger role today than it used to. Not receiving a birthday gift from a friend could mean 3 things - Too close - too cool - too cold.
Though we often deny it - a phone call not returned affects us.
It should.

A good-looking man is perceived to be 20% more intelligent than an average looking one.
A good-looking lady 20% more dumb.
If you truly completely understand a woman, you probably are one.
We all feel safer liking something someone else already does. This explains the power of word of mouth.

We often experience strange coincidences in the middle of a mundane day, if we analyze them more deeply they often have a hidden message.
If everything in life went our way, astrologers would be out of business.
Making someone else feel good about himself almost always works.
Overdoing it however is certainly not advisable.

If there is one term which best describes the world we live in - it would be user-friendly,
Designers exist who get paid more as their designs get smaller,
Artists exist who are more appreciated as their paintings get more unfathomable,
Poets get away with verses with non-existent rhyme schemes.

Atleast they hope they do. My first attempt at poetry – modern poetry atleast.

My first attempt at regular poetry was way back in the 8th std, when I wrote if I remember right about a mosquito. Maybe I will dedicate a separate post to that one. :)