Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Very British ! Very Knopfler!

"A lovestruck romeo sings a streetsus serenade
Laying everybody low with me a lovesong that he made
Finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade
Says something like you and me babe how about it?"

It was those very words, that probably the whole of bangalore and myself were waiting for from the moment Mark knopfler and his entourage took center stage at the palace grounds on the 8th of March. Me, being a great fan of his,” Dire straits" and the British accent in general decided with a few friends to make the sojourn for the one and only "Sultan of swing”. The colonial pampered town of Bangalore , with their "Oh I'm just 2 cool", residents had turned up in full force, which could be easily discerned by the abundance of pierced body parts, weird hair do's and a distinctly "grassy" aroma.
Knopfler, who was the lead vocalist and guitarist for the record breaking band "Dire straits", started out on a glittering career of his own in the mid 80’s. Throughout the show, knopfler would have to formulate a balance, between his own music and the music from his band. But, honestly for me, As long as he allured us with his baritone British accent and this equally alluring bunch of French girl's next to me, kept paying homage to whatever it was they were on, I knew the next 2 hrs were going be something worth writing home about.

In propah British style, Bang on time Knopfler ,casually dressed in a white shirt and jeans kicked off the show , and one of the first songs he played was one his all time great hits "Walk of life". The sound was dynamite; the lighting buoyant and the backdrop being in perfect synchronization with the music, made the whole setting seem almost lifelike.

He then, broke out into some of the best number's from his individual career,” What it is", and "Sailing to Philadelphia", which was followed by the love sick "Romeo and Juliet”, which is one of the few song's, I pride myself on knowing the complete lyrics of. Unfortunately, he chose only that song to improvise, making me look rather inglorious. He then followed that up, with the famed "Sultan of swing" which probably would be best remembered by the sight of at least half the audience, suddenly realizing that this was if ever, the best moment to show the world they had camera cell phone's leaving the deprived one's like me responding rather meekly, in making fervent unsuccessful attempts in trying to connect to a few mates.

He then cooled off with some songs from his latest album "Shangri la". A couple of the song's in his new album "Boom like that" and especially "Done with bonaparte" sent the crowd into rapture's.Knopfler was now in overdrive,He going absolutely crazy improvising on his guitar and the lighting almost seemingly being dictated by him, had to be one of the finest pieces of improvisation ever played in this country.

It was around that time that the cute set of French girls, was suddenly replaced by a stunted group of chinky's(Eastern India, But really who can tell the difference)making the area look a lot like "Chinatown". The chinky's with their melodious voice, being a talented bunch, had the inherent ability of making every song sound like, A jackie chan action scene and soon "You check out Guitar George, He knows all the chords" was sounding a lot like "Khaooo Sueyyyyy!!You kill my sister, I kill yr half brother, and steal yr snake" (no pun intended). Coming back to the concert,Knopfler then moved onto his timeless ballad "Brother's in arm's" and "So far away" , and the by now exhausted bangalorean's had graciously appointed themselves as his "Back up" singer's even though, one suspected that half of them were albeit confidently, singing the wrong lyrics.

wo hours into the show, the audience realized that the show was probably nearing it's end, and they were numerous scream's for some of their favorite songs.All of us being used to people like Remo fernandez going to shameless attempts to coax the crowd. (I remember him once singing, a tamil song, on request, A memorably forgetful experience") "No request's, We’re British”, was seemingly the message cause this show was obviously a planned out scheduled affair. It led us into the Grand finale, the backdrop resembled the night sky, as he and his band played a beautiful instrumental version of "local hero" which was probably the most fitting finale, a show like this could have.

One did feel that it could have gone on, for maybe 15 mins more, but then, in hindsight the final impression I got, was that this was a thoroughly professional performance, perfectly synchronized and played out to perfection. What's more, this was the first time someone had used as many as 37 guitars, in a single concert and did it with such consummate ease; one would think he did this every day.

The most memorable moment of the show for me apart from the chinky's obviously,was when he ordered a cup of tea onto the stage, sipped from it and much to the delight of the crowd said, like only he can " Garam chai". Alas! Only if the organizers had imported scones from back home, what a sight it would have been for him, "English evening tea and scones for Sir Mark knopfler "in front of 20,000 screaming fans.


mark antony said...

hmmm...... awesome dude...for a change u r doin somethin constructive....and doin it good!
nice narrative....thought i was readin an article on "rediff.com".
however, please leave behind ur signature insults.....those r the things that make ur blogs fun to read!

cheers to u too!

george binoy said...

hey chuey nice blog man, though to me blog's shouldnt read like a pres article :) u appreciate the constructive criticism dont u?
damn lucky you went for the knopfler show, some of us were considering going to bby for a day to see it there but didnt eventually.

Siddhu said...

What ho, ol' chap. Liked it better than your other two (especially after your first article did not result in your assasination, as I fondly prayed for.)

Well, toodle-oo and a cheery pip-pip

Sudhir said...

And Mark anthony is an honourable man, though I have no clue who it is...Is it Donney
Thank you, georgie ..that's a good observation, cause this article was a modified version of somethin, I wrote for a news paper...And thank u siddhu as well...toodle-oo and a cherry pip pip to u as well.

Vinod said...

I know this is not directky related to the post itself but just out of curiosity, what're toodle-oos and cherry pip pips?

pr@$#@nt# said...

I think this blog was as professional as Mr.Knopflers performance.Myte, looks like I am praising u a bit too much.

george said...

is prashanth n peelu? if he is...damn sorry i forgot your birthday da. happy belated birthday. :)

Siddhu said...

Ancient British way of saying bye.

Back in the 20s when men were men, we said hi with a friendly 'what ho, ol' bean', instead of the 'Hi da mot7*^&&^&*%^& bas&*%^&%, what the f^&*('s up?' we do today.

And we said bye with the toodle-oo and the cheery pip-pip, as opposed to the friendlier 'Bye da c&&%*s^^&er.' I use today with such alarming regularity.

Well, tinkerty tonk then

pr@$#@nt# said...

Thanks a lot geo. How have u been doin and when r u back to chennai?