Sunday, September 04, 2005

$ Software Blues $

One of the greatest nuances of the exalted course of Engineering is the necessity to do a project. Something which they say of course, is going to have a unimaginable effect on which company you join, where you work and in the long run what sort of an example you will set for your children and their future generations.

You as always have 3 choices:

1. Actually do a project, learn code, write code and slowly lose all your hair.

2. Work with a company (nothing look good corporate experience!),wear a tie, acquire an ID card and in short try and act like your doing something important.

3. Buy a project, make someone else teach it to you and then sign your name in the end.

Now option 3, seems like the most sensible choice. But for some, weird reason I found myself choosing option no.2.

So me and my fellow droog, would wake up early in the morning, put on our best face and try our hardest to catch that early morning bus. Why after all, we were now part of the exalted Indian I.T Industry!

This exalted company had with it, a great history and an even greater tradition of producing true leaders. We obviously would be a great mismatch, or atleast that’s what we thought.

In no time at all, me and my fellow droog found out (rather surprisingly) that actually maybe the skill set and the credentials we had , infact made us over qualified.

Our Daily Schedule

Without fail, Wake up late and miss the bus.

(ok maybe, I should rephrase this as “My daily Schedule")


Arrival, 9’0 Clock time for Breakfast


Good Breakfast! Quite stuffed, let’s shake it off. Time to play some T.T


Alright time, for the first coding act, Walk to the office mumbling “Implicit, explicit”, and in short try to look intelligent


Right! Time to read the paper




Woohoo, Its 3PM, Pool table opens


4PM, Its time to put on that intelligent act again


4:30 Tea Break


5 ‘O Clock , phew! Its been a hard day...

Alright, I must admit , I am exaggerating a little bit here. They were days, where I decided to take a snooze in between as well.

But most of all, Some of the most memorable moments, for me and my fellow droog were in a place affectionately referred to as “HQ”, as in “HeadQuarters”

This quaint lounge like place, where everyone in the company would decide to lounge had a T.T room, Indoor golf, a T.V and a Hi-Speed internet connection. (Now what else could you possibly require).

Not surprisingly, me and my fellow droog monopolized the T.T table, and it was here that we played with some of the most stimulating T.T players, you could ever want to play with.

Me: Think his forehand is weak, Serve to his forehand.

Mr. Stimulating: (Looks quizzically at me)

Me : Yeah, Serve to his forehand..its an important point.

Mr. Stimulating: ( Looks quizzically at me)

Me: Cmon! Serve to his forehand, this is my 5th game in a row and I might have to get back to work.

Mr. Stimulating : ( Looks quizzically at me), Saarry Saar, I dan’t know wat is forehand, backhand..

Yes that really happened, the same chap was btw spotted the very next day making the Snooker cue double up as a ceiling broom.

Damn, I just realized, I haven’t told you anything about my project, which is why I was at the company (or was supposed to be at the company) after all…

The project was about something, which I still obviously don’t understand. Very soon in the piece, I realized that I would need a minor miracle, so that I would be able to complete it. My fellow droog, was in the same position, so I took the most obvious course of action, A Holiday to

I still remember my conversation, with my droog the last Friday morning, before I left.

Me: Dude, Where are you, I’m in office and yr not?

Fellow Droog : No dude, Anyway no hope! (In his characteristic style). I’m staying home and watching the match.

My holiday, got a little extended, I thought as long as me and my droog were both in the same sinking ship, atleast I had company and I went to work the following Wednesday, half expecting my fellow droog to well, still be watching the match.

Me : What’s happening man.

Smiling Droog : Whats up baby! Give me a 5 baby! My project is over!

Me : What the fu&*???

Smiling Droog : (Pointing out), You see that guy over there, that oily bugger! He finished it on the weekend! Its party time babyyy!

Party time indeed, It was now me and only me left there, and it was well and truly only the beginning of my experience of “Software blues”.

To be continued....


Siddhu said...

Lol! Dat Ved's a sly bugger man

Tiger said...

Dude that program was awesome man!but you forgot our fellow droogette.....Ms Seena ...who bowled us cleanaa...

pr@$#@nt# said...

Lol chuey..awesome post and then i remember on ur trip to bangalore how u visited another famous s/w company called Intel or was it IBM??S/w Blues alright!!!

Anonymous said...

well well ......ssup sudhir!!..long time man... read ur interview of "Dj Whosane"..apparently not a lot questions wer asked!!

anyways..this is post is funny as hell!!...great work man....u mus be really busy..wonder how u manager to blog..anyways great goin man.....i know ur really busy...but do remember ur old friends if u can!!..



Anonymous said...

o i forgot to mention....the guy who commented b4 me, he belongs to the 1st category...and cause of his sheer hardwork...and with no one's help...

he is now workin in one of india's premiere IT firms.

A truly honorable man!

Keep sloggin !

Sisto said...

hahahaha!!!! too much ... u certainly had a tough time juggling really hectic tasks of sleeping, TT, coffee and lunch!!

anyway whats up wit u man? hows work? and hows Mr. Ram Suzuki??

Sudhir said...

Yes Sid...He's sly not as sly as someone else we know though. :-

Sudhir said...

Yes Tiger, my fellow droog.

I just might put a special mention of that fine piece of real estate on part 2.

Sudhir said...

Yes, After which we had lunch at Thank god its friday or was it thank god you were there to make conversation with me.

Good to know, you have established yourself in a pioneer software company, and yr good looking as well.

Sudhir said...

Yes Jesku,

How can I forget my old friends, else they might force me to buy hatrick for them..

looks like yr one of the few ppl who reads my articles...yr a true friend.

Sudhir said...

u forgot snooker, and viewing other certain fine pieces of real estate.

Pilli well, his latest dialogue when I lured in with a free hair cut, if he logged in a certain number of apps..was

"Stop it men, Why are u temptating me??"

Ketaki said...

:) chuey!! you didnt use my arrows?? im pissed for sure... lol

what is it with software companies and tt tables btw?

Sudhir said...

I'm sorry about the arrows..they were'nt implicitly defined apparently..couldnt reference them..

As for tt tables in software companies...maybe u shld ask yr TDH friend..from what I hear, he's quite the champ.

Siddhu said...

Yeah, not as sly as the *someone* who commented last. ;)

Nowhere near...

Archster said...

Funny stuff Sudhir!

Pls to be posting conclusion soon.

Ketaki said...

dont try to bullshit ur way out of not using the arrow!

Mr tdh... he's a chimp, not a champ. he mentioned u did ur proj in the same software company... did u happen to meet the HR hottie he keeps talkin abt? :p

pr@$#@nt# said...

Ketaki u r a chump..Maybe u shld fix urself an appointment with Mr.Alex frm The Chronicle

Ketaki said...

or mebbe YOU should...

Dharmu said...

That was funny. you gotta add a few things though. When you're in office in the IT company, if you act real busy ( i mean even browsing the net) they will send u onsite faster. What more !!!!