Saturday, August 18, 2007

The I-Phone

It's here finally, as promised the much awaited demo of the I-Phone on my show on India Interacts.

My guest on the show is Rohit Agarwal, the CEO and founder of techTribe. Rohit was one of the guest speakers at, and gave a talk on 'Effective PR' for the young entrepreneur.
His firm Techtribe is a career networking site based out of San Francisco and New Delhi, and has been making rapid strides since it was launched 9 months ago.

The highlight of the video however, is his demo of the I-phone. Having held it, and seen it up close, I must tell you its a work of art, and if only for its look and feel, is worth all the hype that's been associated with it.

The demo of the I-phone starts in the second half of the video, watch out for the last bit when he..... actually why don't you find out for yourself.


Abhinav said...

very very cool, man... i'm beginning to fall in love with the damn thing... maybe i should pick one up after all.

Yesh said...

I call it the I-dream till I can afford it.